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New Generation SnapTik App: Download TikTok Videos Without Watermarks

Thank you for visiting Appsnaptik.com, where you can easily and quickly download videos from Tiktok. Before using the website, please take a moment to review our terms of service and general regulations you need to follow before getting started.

Terms of Service and General Regulations

By accessing and using our Appsnaptik.com, you agree to our Terms of Service and regulations, including any future updates. If you disagree with any terms, please refrain from continuing to use our website.

Our Terms of Service may be updated over time to align with website changes and improvements to ensure the best user experience. You can check the most recent update date at the top of the Terms of Service to see if you’re viewing the latest version.

Our Service Users (Users)

The relationship between Appsnaptik website and its users encompasses all who visit the website or use other services provided by us.

User Obligations

You are to use the AppSnaptik application and related products/services in accordance with our Terms of Service and any applicable laws, regulations, or principles.

AppSnaptik is not responsible for any violations of current laws, rules, or regulations committed by you or any third party. You must agree and commit not to engage in activities that are illegal in your place of residence.

Intellectual Property

Appsnaptik.com provides services for your personal use. You must not misuse the content or materials on this site beyond what’s necessary for accessing and using AppSnaptik.com services and information. Copying, distributing, modifying, publishing, performing, reprinting, storing, or transmitting our content or materials without our permission is prohibited.


Appsnaptik.com is a next-generation SnapTik project, designed to represent the AppSnaptik application. You are not permitted to use it in any way other than what’s allowed in our terms of use and related regulations. This is something you need to bear in mind when referencing Appsnaptik.com.

Always spell Appsnaptik correctly, without spaces, hyphens, or any other characters in between. Avoid confusing Appsnaptik with other brands, individuals, organizations, apps, websites, products, or services not owned by us. We will defend our rights against any misuse, distortion, or infringement of Appsnaptik. We’d appreciate it if you’d inform us of any violations, so we can take timely action.


AppSnaptik always respects and adheres to copyright regulations and honors intellectual property rights:

  • You are responsible for the content you paste into the AppSnaptik application to download.
  • We only assist you in downloading content for personal, free, and legal purposes.
  • We only display “original” content from other websites or social networks.
  • You must ensure you have the legal right to use that content. While we don’t vet every content’s legality, we will ban you for violating laws or our Terms of Service.
  • We don’t store your content for any reason.
  • We greatly encourage and appreciate your feedback on any infringements so that we can take appropriate action.

Copyright Infringement

Appsnaptik.com respects intellectual property rights and abides by legal copyright regulations. If you believe Appsnaptik.com has used your information without permission, you can request that we remove that information from AppSnaptik services. Simply send us a notice via email or other contact methods, detailing the infringement and proving your ownership.

Usage License

AppSnaptik allows users to download backup copies of content and documents from the Tiktok app for temporary viewing and non-commercial purposes. This is about granting a license, not transferring ownership rights of these videos, contents, or documents. Therefore, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not alter, distribute, or copy the content
  • Do not use the content and documents for business purposes or public display
  • Do not remove any copyright or proprietary marks from the content and documents
  • Do not share the content and documents with others or store them on other servers.


We always respect and support the protection of your rights in the Content and Documents on AppSnaptik. You are solely responsible for the content and documents you download.

AppSnaptik does not guarantee that the content and documents on AppSnaptik.com will meet your requirements, nor infringe on the rights of any third party. We are also not responsible for the accuracy, results, or reliability of the content and documents on AppSnaptik.com.

User Information Security

We protect the personal information of users and do not disclose it to third parties for any reason when using AppSnaptik. We follow our principles to protect and maintain your privacy.

Links to Third Parties

The AppSnaptik.com website may link to some third-party websites. We only choose safe third-party sites to offer you the best convenience. These third-party sites are independently owned and operated by trustworthy organizations.

However, we are not responsible for, endorse, or guarantee any content, advertisements, or products available on these sites. Furthermore, you agree that AppSnaptik will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use or reliance on content, products, or services available on these sites. Before making any transactions with a third party, you should research it thoroughly.

About Modifying the Terms of Service Content

AppSnaptik may change these terms of service at any time based on notifications from the website, user accounts, or email. We will post updated version information at the top of the Terms of Service. You need to read and understand the changes before continuing to use our service. You must update your contact information in the “User Account” section and not use someone else’s information. If we detect any fraudulent behavior or theft of information from other users, your account will be disabled at any time.

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