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New Generation SnapTik App: Download TikTok Videos Without Watermarks

Are you an enthusiast of watching and sharing TikTok videos? Want to download TikTok videos without watermarks and save them on your device? Looking to download the background music, images, or TikTok videos for personal use? Not limited just to TikTok, was created to cater to all your needs, serving across all major and popular social media platforms like: Capcut, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Reddit, Threads, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo, Douyin Video Downloader, and more.

About is a cutting-edge iteration of the SnapTik project, an app that lets you download videos from TikTok and other social platforms without any watermarks, saving them directly to your device. Additionally, you can extract music or images from TikTok videos. The website is compatible with a range of devices including iPhones, Android phones, laptops, and desktops. Simply visit the website to start using it entirely for free.

Why should you use AppSnaptik?

There are plenty of reasons to use for downloading TikTok or videos from other platforms. Here are some benefits of AppSnaptik:

  • No ID and Logo (No Watermark): With AppSnaptik, you won’t have to worry about TikTok watermarks or User IDs appearing on your downloaded videos.
  • Minimal (or No) Advertisements: Especially on, you won’t be interrupted or annoyed by ads when visiting our site.
  • Fast and Easy: Just copy the TikTok video link you want to download, paste it into AppSnaptik’s input box, select the desired format, and hit “Download”. Your video will be saved to your device in seconds.
  • Unlimited Downloads: Download any TikTok video you like without any quantity or size limits. No need to sign up or log in to use AppSnaptik. Just visit the website and start downloading.
  • Safe and Secure: We don’t ask for access to your TikTok account or any other personal information. AppSnaptik doesn’t store or share your videos with anyone. Rest assured, your videos are yours alone.
  • Download TikTok videos in .mp4 or .mp3 formats.
  • Accessible via computer or mobile web browsers (Windows, MacOS, Android, IOS).
  • Save TikTok videos without watermarks across various devices: Phones, computers, tablets.
  • Supports downloading TikTok Slideshow videos or individual images.

Main Tools of

AppSnaptik Douyin – Download Douyin videos

Douyin is the Chinese version of Tiktok, an app for sharing short videos filled with creative and captivating content. Not all Douyin videos allow downloads. Only videos with a save button can be downloaded, the rest can’t. With AppSnaptik Douyin, a dedicated app to assist users in downloading from Douyin, you’re in for a treat.

AppSnaptik Douyin lets you save videos from Douyin on your device in high quality, in .mp3 or .mp4 formats, without any watermarks or User IDs. Watch your favorite videos anytime, without needing an internet connection or worrying about the video being removed from Douyin.

AppSnaptik Slide – Download Tiktok Slides

AppSnaptik Slide lets you save TikTok slideshow videos without any logos or user IDs. You can download the entire slideshow with synchronized music or individual images.

AppSnaptik Story – Download Tiktok Stories

With AppSnaptik Story, you can download short videos shared by other TikTok users within 24 hours. Watch these videos anytime, even without an internet connection.

AppSnaptik converts Tiktok videos to MP4

AppSnaptik is a website that helps you convert Tiktok videos to MP4 format, free of watermarks, blurs, or user IDs. Download TikTok videos to your computer or phone swiftly and easily.

AppSnaptik downloads Tiktok music to Mp3

AppSnaptik’s Tiktok to MP3 converter lets you download and convert TikTok videos into MP3 audio files. Use this tool to save your favorite TikTok songs or tunes without having to download the entire video.

Ongoing Projects at

Capcut Video Downloader
Facebook Video Downloader
LinkedIn Video Downloader
Reddit Video Downloader
Threads Video Downloader
Tumblr Video Downloader
Twitter Video Downloader
Vimeo Video Downloader

…and several other applications currently in development.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the new generation AppSnapTik, contact us via:

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